The Maysville Academy has been established with a two objectives in mind:  To build upon the great legacy of educational excellence of the Maysville Academy originally founded in 1832 that has established Maysville as a leading educational community within the United States and attracted pupils such as Ulysses S. Grant, or William ‘Bull’ Nelson; and to provide pupils with an outstanding education, with a focus on fostering an understanding of science, mathematics, and technology.

Maysville Academy combines the ethos and best practice of traditional, British, independent schools, with proven components of American curricula, and cutting-edge approaches to science and technology instruction. The institution endeavours to cultivate the next generation of sophisticated innovators and pioneers:

Broadly speaking, there appears to be a wider trend of disregard for competitiveness of any form in the academic environment and a culture of rewarding participation. The argument that all children must feel included creates an artificial divide between sense of inclusion and wellbeing, and academic and sport success. Such division, however is unnecessary and has been realized at the expense of fostering academic and sports ambition in children as well as diminishing the drive to innovate and generally do better.

In contrast, competition and ambition are at the very core of the Maysville Academy ethos. This viewpoint is based on the idea that best innovation and academic outcomes can only be achieved in education if it fosters healthy competition among its individual pupils. 

In practice, the academy’s stance on competition is exemplified in the sense of community, safety, and values in the school, which have been encouraged rather than precluded by the positive competitive environment of the institution. More specifically, the value of competitiveness has guided our thinking and decisions in the following areas: 

  • Small class sizes;
  • Setting high and challenging expectations for pupils;
  • Competitive atmosphere, particularly in Games and Sports;
  • Active parental and community involvement;
  • A broad range of extra-curricular activities; and
  • Participation in regional/national/international tournaments both in sports and in academic subjects (e.g. mathematics Olympiad).



Dr Brett Welch

Dr Brett Welch

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of St Andrews & University of Stirling (Joint Degree)
  • Master of Letters, University of St Andrews & University of Stirling (Joint Degree)
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Minnesota
  • Diploma in Mechanical Drafting, Century College

Brett has a diverse background encompassing university-level teaching, primary education, and engineering. He completed a diploma in Mechanical Drafting from Century College and spent ten years in the engineering field, designing linear motion mechanical actuators used to solve industrial automation challenges.

After leaving the engineering field, he pursued undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota, focused on Philosophy, Classical Civilizations, and History of Science & Technology, and Humanities in the West. During this period, he studied abroad at the University of Oxford, and in Greece. Brett read for his Masters degree and PhD in Philosophy at the Universities of St. Andrews and Stirling in the UK. He was accepted into the prestigious Copenhagen Summer School in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind

Brett also worked as an elementary school literacy tutor using a variety of literacy interventions to ensure pupils acquired a confident and secure command of reading and language skills. Brett looks forward to bringing his experiences together to provide the pupils of Maysville Academy with a firm, sturdy, and well rounded education.

Timothy Leddy

Timothy Leddy

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Oxford

Timothy is an experienced educator with a distinguished academic record. Schooled at the highly selective Regis High School in New York City, where he served as Student Body President, he went up to read for a degree in History & Politics at the University of Oxford, and was elected an Exhibitioner by the college Fellowship. He has worked extensively as a private tutor and admissions counselor, supporting pupils in preparation for a variety of standardized exams and entry to leading academic institutions. In addition to this wide-ranging teaching experience, Timothy has worked at a social services non-profit in New York, with the US House of Representatives, and for the Young & Rubicam Group.

Timothy enables pupils to achieve their academic potential, and ensures they are well-prepared for competitive examinations and entry into world-leading institutions. He is especially interested in stimulating an appreciation and aptitude for the mathematical and scientific skills which are increasingly essential.

Matthew Goldie-Scot

Matthew Goldie-Scot

  • Master of Science, University of Oxford
  • Master of Education, University of Cambridge
  • Master of Arts, University of Oxford
  • Master of Arts, University of Cambridge
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Cambridge
  • Qualified Teacher Status
  • Bachelor of Arts (by Incorporation), University of Oxford
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Cambridge

Matthew is an international education specialist, with extensive experience as an educational researcher, consultant, and practitioner in a wide range of international contexts. Born in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, he spent much of his childhood in East Africa. He read for his undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge, where he also completed his teacher training. He later completed a Master’s degree in Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, followed by further studies at the University of Oxford.

Matthew has taught in schools throughout the world, working with pupils of all ages. He also has extensive experience of teacher training, and served as Dean of Studies at a leading British Boarding School, as well as overseeing implementation of a specialist programme for academically gifted pupils in a leading international school in continental Europe. He has subsequently supported schools throughout the world in myriad contexts. He taught undergraduates studying education at the University of Cambridge, and held and Associate Lectureship at the Faculty of Education and Languages at the Open University in the United Kingdom. Matthew has advised a range of national governments on education policy, and his views on education have been published in the national and international press. Matthew now works throughout the world supporting educational institutions seeking to promote academic excellence, with a particular focus on the establishment of leading schools.

He currently serves as Director of Carfax Educational Projects, the Institutional Projects division of the international Carfax Education Group, and as Academic Advisor at Maysville Academy, Kentucky, where he is supporting the expansion and academic development of the school.