Maysville Academy will be committed to providing its pupils with the strongest competitive edge possible in all areas of academic and personal development. To achieve this, the Academy hires graduates of the top universities in the United Kingdom and United States to fill teaching roles. All elements of the curriculum are subject to a rigorous review process to ensure that the instruction given to pupils is the very best available on an international level. Due to its small size, the Academy is able to provide each pupil with customized remedial support or supplemental accelerated tuition tailored to the needs of the individual.

While the Academy will provide excellent tuition in all subjects, within the context of a classical liberal arts education, it will offer a truly unique opportunity to all pupils to push themselves to the pinnacle of achievement in computer science, engineering, mathematics, and the hard sciences. Pupils will be instructed in computer science and introduced to the language of coding at a young age. As they progress, pupils will be able to program their own computers through hands-on instruction, eventually culminating in internship opportunities with local, national, and international partners. In the long-term, partnerships will be forged with leading universities. The sciences will be viewed as a gateway to in-depth investigation, rather than a set of facts to be memorized. Modern facilities for scientific experimentation are planned and will be complimented by high quality safety equipment. Pupils will be required to learn from first principles, solving mathematical proofs as part of the sequence progression to enhance reasoning ability and logical thinking.

Pupils will learn to read and write in English in conjunction with lessons in American and world history, fine arts, human and physical geography, science, and mathematics, thus ensuring a holistic approach to literacy, rather than simply teaching unrelated words and structures in a vacuum. As a result, pupils will graduate from the Academy with not only enviable skills in the sciences and technology, but also as well-rounded intellectuals.

Maysville Academy will provide high levels of support and pastoral care, encompassing a wide variety of needs including health, social and moral education, behaviour management and emotional support from faculty. A focus on mutual respect, integrity, honesty, and hard work will be present throughout the school.

Participation in extra-curricular activities is a core component of the curriculum at the Academy, with the aim of allowing pupils to develop interests and a profound love of learning. To develop the physical strengths of pupils, instruction and competition will be offered in rowing, fencing, boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, tennis, cross-country running, and track and field. Facilities and enrolment permitting, this may extend to team sports such as American football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. Pupils will be coached in methods used to prevent injury and a personal trainer may be on site if requested. Off the field, clubs for debating, chess, yearbook, and Science Olympiad are planned, as are drama productions. Pupils will be encouraged to learn to play a classical musical instrument.

The Academy will host workshops to teach pupils the finer points of etiquette. These may include social introductions and networking, public speaking, dining etiquette, deportment, formal written correspondence, public speaking, and the importance of dressing appropriately. Guidance on navigating the workplace will also be given to older pupils preparing for internship or job-shadowing placements. These lessons are designed to ensure that Maysville graduates have every advantage as they leave for future endeavours.