Maysville Academy will seek to combine the best practices of traditional British independent schools, proven components of American curricula, and cutting-edge approaches to science and technology instruction in its endeavour to cultivate the next generation of sophisticated innovators. Set along the idyllic Ohio River and surrounding hills of Maysville, Kentucky, the Academy will provide pupils with unparalleled access to excellent education in the Sciences through individualized attention, the acquisition of practical, in-demand skills in hard technology, and literacy in all forms. Pupil learning will be enhanced by exposure national, global, and international perspectives. Knowledge based teaching, supplemented by instruction in practical and technical skills will foster pupils who are autonomous logical thinkers, capable of solving the challenges proactively.

The Academy will encourage positive competition, integrity, and academic achievement at the highest levels. Outside the classroom, athletic training will instil the virtues of perseverance, teamwork, and self-improvement. Pupils will be positioned to excel in all forms of standardized testing, although will be a by-product of the Academy's unique approach to tuition, not the rationale for it. Finally, Maysville Academy graduates will leave institution with refined manners, etiquette, foreign language proficiency, and an informed understanding of the world around them.